Project #2 ThemePunch Photography Membership and Organizational Structure

The Sovereign EarthWorks organizational model consists of specialized teams called Fractals which handle our governance needs and hold authority. 

There are no managers, team leaders, or hierarchical systems, instead power is expanded outwards into continually specialized sub Fractals.

Within Fractals, team members create projects to advance the mission of their group. Members are able to hold each other accountable through governance meetings. Every member is free to join the Fractal which best aligns with their talents/desires and decide how they want to contribute to the success of Sovereign EarthWorks. All members of Sovereign EarthWorks are able to enact governance structural changes, policy proposals, and project proposals. We hope this enables folx to create their own unique positive and healthy work environments in which they feel supported to do work that they value. Each Fractal has its own unique purpose, domain, and accountability and no Fractal has authority to act over the domain of another Fractal. Members can expect to share power with one another in a non-hierarchical system. Fractals can continuously be created and disbanded according to the organization’s needs.

From the farm to the corporation, we want to set ourselves apart from conventionally flawed models. When examining the land that is tended to most by farmers, there is so much work that goes into weeding, watering, planting, and caring for the crops. But when you walk into the forest and there are nuts and fruits and foods of all kinds, shapes and flavors, nobody waters them, nobody weeds, there’s a flourishing ecosystem at every level. From the microryza in the soil to the birds and insects living in the canopies of the trees, the indicators of health include diversity, divergence, interdependence, and autonomy.

 Much like traditional farmland, we divest from line obsessed power structures creating order through artificial delineations of form, power, worth, and function. 

We would rather be the forest, beautiful and diverse, free to explore, curious and ancient, a space that invites complications, authenticity, and play. 

As Sovereign EarthWorks we give our members the power of governance because we believe in collective brilliance. 

Our ancestors knew to rely upon the wisdom of all beings, and so we want to incorporate that spirit into our own lifestyles.