Sovereign EarthWorks is grounded in . . .

  1. To act with deep respect and gratitude for our divine connection with Earth Mother, remembering that we too are part of the circle of life. We are not outside the natural world, but a necessary advocate to bring about balance.
  2. To recognize Earth Mother as Original Teacher, the bearer of all wisdom, the original bestower of culture and remind ourselves that our knowledge comes from Her in Her many forms. 
  3. To practice informed consent-based non-violent communication to show-up for one another with gentleness and compassion.  We center our individual capacity to heal from our trauma and bring forth our highest self. 
  4. To practice a consensus model of decision making, when decisions affect the larger group, to create space for collective input and build a model of autonomous decision making where folx feel sovereign in our work. 
  5. To act within a lateral power structure where there are no hierarchies for concentrating power, but rather through healthy boundary setting and collective trust, engage in structures that fortify individuals to show up for themselves and community. 
  6. To act as community stewards, building a network and support system much like mycelium, that can fortify our relationship with the world around us. 
  7. To give naturally.  As seeds do not charge to grow, nor pollinators to share, nor sky to rain, nor sun to shine, we too will share our abundance and our gifts with the community freely.
  8. To give mutual respect and authenticity as the Four Sisters do.  Sister Corn, Squash, Bean, and Sunflower are all unique in how they show up in the world, but their individual gifts help the family grow stronger.  Sister Corn grows tall to provide support for Sister Bean, Sister Bean fixes nutrients in the soil for their combined needs, Sister Squash provides big leaves for shade and protection, and Sister Sunflower provides protection and attracts pollinators.  Each is powerful and authentic in their own role.  
  9. To practice unconditional love everlasting, where we use a transformative justice model, that is trauma-informed approach to healing within our community.
  10. To compost systems of oppression and their surrounding ideologies, structures, practices, tools and cultures that no longer serve us, or never served us in the first place.  To break them down until unrecognizable, and rebuild and nourish ourselves in the absence of their harmful power. 
  11. To build space for our collective reimagining of what is possible, while we will center ancestral wisdom and our connection to Earth Mother; we also create space to imagine the world we want to live in and bring that into our present reality.